Virginia Remodeling Company

Our History

Hambleton Construction was founded in 2005. David and Thomas Hambleton, brothers who grew up in Falls Church, Virginia, had their first construction experience as teenagers in 1998 when they helped their parents put a second story addition onto the family home. David and Thomas assisted with the framing and did all the interior trim and finishes. During this experience, David discovered that he wanted to become a carpenter—so began his appreciation and respect for wood. Soon afterwards, David started work with a remodeling firm in Arlington, Virginia. After two years as a carpenter he was promoted to supervisor and completed many custom, large-scale remodeling projects. Then, in 2005, David and Thomas decided to go into business for themselves.

Our Mission Statement

Our Business Identity is: Improving your lifestyle for you and your family by creating spaces that your family wants to be in.

Meet the Owners

David Hambleton

David, the owner, handles job estimates, client relations, and job scheduling. David and his family currently reside in Arlington.

Thomas Hambleton

Thomas is the job site manager and organizes subcontractors, works with the architect, keeps projects on schedule, and oversees daily job site cleanliness.