Family Room Additions in Chantilly, Virginia

Would you like to be able to do more entertaining in your Chantilly home? Do your kids need more room to move around? Maybe it’s time to build a family room addition! Hambleton has been building custom additions since 2005.

Family Room Addition Ideas

  • Open up the kitchen/family room space. Creating an open plan for the kitchen and the new family room is often part of an addition. It makes a warm, inviting family area and helps the kitchen feel and look bigger.

  • Create a home theater. Another popular choice, putting in a home theater or enhanced media space makes for increased family togetherness and spectacular movie nights! And since you’re building a new room from the ground up, you can have wiring installed in the walls and ceiling less expensively than if it was done to an existing room.

  • Make room for formal entertaining. If you love to entertain, having your kitchen, family room, and dining room open to each other will make parties and events easier to manage and give guests a comfortable place to enjoy themselves.

  • Increase storage. Consider built-in shelving and other storage options for your addition. This will make the room more functional and convenient to have family activities.

  • Install a fireplace. A gas-burning unit is a good choice, as it doesn’t require a chimney. However, if you have your heart set on a wood-burner, it can be done—after all, we’re building a room from scratch, inside and out, so adding a chimney can be part of the plan.

  • Open the house to the outdoors. French or sliding doors opening to a deck or patio will increase your entertaining space and provide a sense of airiness and light.

Benefits of a Family Room Addition

  • Planning to move in the near future? You can expect to recoup about 63 percent of the cost when you sell your home.

  • The new room can add lots of light. You can opt for floor-to-ceiling glass, a bow, bay, or picture window, skylights…there are endless ways to let light in to your new family room! And if you choose to have an archway or cutout built into the existing exterior wall, the light will reach even more of the house. This Arlington great room addition we built boasts exceptional light.

  • Open family room additions are often added off the kitchen, which, in addition to making the kitchen look and feel bigger, opens up the space and increases room for family gatherings, entertaining, and just hanging out.

See our projects page for family room addition pictures.

Things to Consider When Planning a Family Room Addition

When planning a family room addition for your Chantilly home, be sure to take these factors into account:

  • You will likely need additional HVAC to make the new room comfortable (a smaller addition may just need added ductwork or a small HVAC unit)

  • The addition will take up some of your yard, leaving you with less outdoor space

  • The work will take about 2 – 3 months or longer (depending on the scope of the project) to fully complete. We do our best to minimize the disruption to your daily activities and to ensure your comfort during construction.

Will I Need an Architect to Design My Addition?

When building an addition, you will need professional drawings by an architect. Engaging an architect on your family room addition project ensures that:

  • You see what you are going to get before it is built. A professional architect can show you computer renderings of your project so you can approve the design.

  • Everyone is on the same page. Professional drawings clarify the necessary work and job specifications, allowing an accurate project bid.

  • The finished product looks great, is practical to use, and will be a sound investment. The extra money spent on a good architect is always worth the cost.

If you don’t already have an architect, we can suggest a local professional that we use regularly and recommend highly.

A room addition adds custom living space, making it a true lifestyle upgrade. Installing windows, a fireplace, built-in shelving, or other custom touches builds value and beauty into your home.

Call Hambleton to learn more about having a family room addition built on your Chantilly home.