Why Choose Hambleton Construction?

When you are looking for a remodeler in Northern Virginia, you have many reputable firms to choose from. Why should you choose Hambleton Construction to remodel your home?

Bathroom remodel


Brothers David and Thomas Hambleton were just teenagers when they got their first remodeling job in 1998—they helped their parents build a second-story addition on to their family home. Working on the framing and crafting all the interior trim and finishes instilled a love of fine craftsmanship in the Hambletons that lives on today.

David became a carpenter and later worked for an Arlington remodeler where he gained extensive experience working on large-scale, custom projects. In 2005, the brothers started Hambleton Construction.

Kitchen lights


As mentioned above, Hambleton Construction grew out of a love of fine workmanship. Not only is this concept in our roots, it’s in everything we do, every single day. We want the projects we build to add value to your home for its entire lifespan, whether that’s through the home being passed down through generations, or if you decide to sell and are able to do so at a higher price than you may have without the renovations.

In short, we know that nothing is more important than the quality of the work we do, so we strive to consistently impress every client. You won’t find a Northern Virginia fine remodeler more committed to delighting you.

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At Hambleton, we know that renovating or adding on to your home is a major investment—of money, time, and even emotion. We want our every interaction with you to be worthy of that investment.

From the moment Hambleton Construction arrives on your property, we treat your home as if it was our home—not a jobsite. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • We won’t push you to make the sale. Once we’ve finished the estimate, we’ll present you with fair pricing for the project and options you want, and answer your questions honestly and directly. You won’t get pushy sales tactics from us. We want you to be well-informed and confident in your investment.

  • We arrive on time. We make every effort to be at your home at our scheduled start time. If for any reason we think we might be late, we will contact you to let you know. Ongoing communication is very important to us.

  • We protect your home and keep it clean.  Our team will set up dust protection and floor protection the first day of your remodeling project. We clean up at the end of EVERY day, making sure we leave your home as clean as possible.

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Call Us

When it’s time to renovate your kitchen, build an addition, turn your bathroom into a spa, or simply update your finishes, please call Hambleton Construction at 703-532-0277. We can’t wait to impress you.


    Master Suite Additions & Remodeling in Northern Virginia

    Remodeling your master bedroom or building a master suite addition means it’s finally time for YOU! Create a sanctuary away from the rest of the house where you can relax and recharge. Your suite can be as simple or elaborate as you like, and the best part is that you can include custom features that make it uniquely yours.

    When you’re ready to renovate the master suite in your Northern Virginia home, call Hambleton Construction.

    Master Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

    When considering the design of your master suite remodel, first decide on the room’s overall mood. Do you want the suite to have a tranquil feel? Should it impart warmth and coziness? Is it going to be an opulent getaway? From there, you can begin to sort out the features of the room. Some master suite features our past clients have requested include:

    • A window seat or bump-out – If your master suite has a view, why not build in a place from which to enjoy it? With a bay window bump-out, you can add upholstered seating with extra storage underneath for linens.
    • Custom lighting – Chandeliers, wall-mounted reading lights, and task lighting for any desks or vanities in the room help make the space more functional and can help add architectural interest.
    • A fireplace – If you have an existing chimney system in place, adding a built-in fireplace can be easy. If not, you may opt for a gas or electric model. A double-sided fireplace between the bathroom and bedroom warms up the tub and the living space.
    • Built-in storage – If you like to keep your books and trinkets near, consider built-in shelving. Low built-in cabinets can provide unobtrusive storage.
    • A balcony, deck, or patio – Expand your suite to the outdoors—and add resale value.
    • A television or media area – Will your master suite be a place for movie-watching? You can create a media nook with space for a flat screen television and comfy seating.
    • A small workspace – An alcove for a desk and chair, or a larger area for a more substantial workspace, can be easily added to create more functionality for the room.

    Master Suite Closet Ideas

    One of the most popular features for a master suite remodel or addition is a custom closet. Hambleton now builds custom closets in Northern Virginia, and we can create any configuration you want!

    • Closet with custom storage – Whether your thing is shoes, bags, suits, dresses, or all of it, we can build a custom closet to hold it all, and make everything easily accessible. 
    • Dressing room – When you want more than just storage, a dressing room takes things to the next level.

    Master Suite Bath Ideas

    Finally, a private bath with the indulgent features you’ve always wanted! While the spa-style master bath ideal endures, we have seen more bathroom remodeling clients going for a cozier, warmer feel with dark woods and rustic fixtures. Whatever style you choose, we can build in features like:

    • Double vanities – A must-have. The double-sink vanity helps speed things up in the morning when you’re trying to get out of the house on time.
    • Separate tub and shower – De rigueur for most master suite bathrooms, a separate tub presents more style opportunities—not to mention ample space for relaxation!
    • A glass shower enclosure – Even in a smaller bathroom, a glass-enclosed shower creates a sense of airiness.
    • Custom tile work – Beautify the space with bold, colorful designs or subtle accents. Tile is a great medium through which to express style and personality.
    • A recessed medicine cabinet – Keep your vanity clear of clutter by opting for a deep, recessed medicine cabinet to hold your essentials.
    • Heated flooring – One of our biggest client-pleasers, heated bathroom flooring makes every step a comfortable one, even on the chilliest winter mornings.

    We hope these ideas have inspired you! When you’re ready to remodel your master suite or build a master suite addition in your Northern Virginia home, contact Hambleton Construction to schedule an in-home consultation.

    Why Choose Hambleton for Your Virginia Bathroom Renovation?

    Besides the fact that we love what we do, and we work to ensure your complete satisfaction, here’s why you should choose us:

    • We won’t push you to make the sale. Once we’ve finished your bathroom remodel estimate, we’ll present you with fair pricing for the project and options you want, and answer your questions honestly and directly. You won’t get pushy sales tactics from us. We want you to be well-informed and confident in your investment.
    • We arrive on time. We make every effort to be at your home at our scheduled start time. If for any reason we think we might be late, we will let you know.
    • We keep your home as clean as possible. The first day of your bath remodeling project, we set up dust protection and floor protection. We clean up at the end of EVERY day, making sure we leave your home as clean as possible.


      Custom Closets in Northern Virginia

      Custom Closets in Northern Virginia

      Transform your space with custom-built closets for your Northern Virginia home. Hambleton Construction builds custom closets—we can design storage space to your exact specifications!

      Contact Hambleton Construction today to learn more about our custom closet services.

      Custom Home Storage Solutions

      You may think a walk-in closet provides plenty of space. But unless that space is optimized, you may be losing out on storage opportunities. With a custom closet, you gain space you didn’t know you had. And what was once just a closet becomes an in-house lifestyle upgrade.

      Custom closet elements include:

      • Drawers
      • Pull-out racks and shelves
      • Divided space
      • Shelving
      • Custom lighting

      Bedroom Closets

      What can we do for your bedroom closet? It all starts with design. We’ll help you envision the space that works for you. In addition to elements like shelving and drawers, your custom bedroom closet can have:

      • Shoe storage
      • Jewelry and accessory storage
      • Other custom-designed storage solutions

      Kids’ Room Closets

      A custom closet in your childrens’ room helps you stay organized now—and teaches them to be organized as they grow!

      Linen Closets

      Keep bed and table linens, towels, and other home textiles neat and accounted for in a custom linen closet.

      Custom Pantries

      A custom pantry keeps dinner staples close at hand and helps prevent food waste—when every box, bag, and can is organized, you are less likely to forget about something and let it go past its expiration date. A pantry can also hold cookbooks and bulky appliances, leaving your kitchen with more available counter space. You can have us build in:

      • Spice drawers or racks
      • Custom storage for pet food
      • Pull-out drawers, trays, and Lazy Susans—so nothing gets lost or forgotten in the back of a drawer or cupboard.

      Craft Closets

      Turn a hall or spare room closet into a crafter or hobbyist’s dream.

      With dedicated shelving, pull-out racks, and other custom features, your craft closet will keep your supplies in a foolproof arrangement that will leave you free to create! Your craft or hobby closet can include:

      • Pull-out storage for sewing machines and printers
      • Racks for wrapping paper or fabric

      Laundry Rooms

      Transform your laundry room from a place of drudgery to an orderly sanctuary! With just a few adjustments, we can maximize the usable space in even a tiny laundry room. Racks, shelves, cubbies, and hanging storage can work together to create places for everything. We can install:

      • Wall-mounted ironing boards
      • Space for stain-removal tools and other laundry needs
      • A sink for hand-washing delicates


      The space where your family does its coming and going is notoriously difficult to keep neat. Coats, bags, sweaters, papers, mail…it’s a cacophony of clutter that does little to promote household harmony! With a custom storage solution, Hambleton can spin calm from chaos.

      Dedicated cubbies, a filing system for mail, and a smart rack-and-hook combo can do wonders for this much-used space.


      Create a built-in workshop in just a little bit of space.

      Keep your tools and automotive supplies at the ready with custom shelving, hook systems, and drawers. You can also add storage for bicycles and sports equipment.

      Custom Closets: Where to Start

      Contact Hambleton Construction and we’ll schedule an in-home consultation to discuss:

      • Your storage and organization needs
      • The structure and setup of your current closets
      • The ways we can best optimize your space

      As a Northern Virginia remodeling company in business since 2004, Hambleton has the experience and knowledge base to transform your home into a space that works for you and your family.


        Fairfax County Countertop Installation

        Countertops take up a lot of real estate in your kitchen. They can be colorful focal points, neutral backdrops for designer fixtures, or workhorses for serious cooks. There are several things to consider when you’re selecting countertops for your Northern Virginia kitchen, and Hambleton is here to make it easier.

        If you’re looking for kitchen countertop installation in the Fairfax area, call Hambleton.

        Kitchen Countertop Materials

        The first thing you’ll want to choose is countertop material. Although granite and quartz continue to hold the top spots, there are several other choices to fit any kitchen style. Consider these countertop materials for your kitchen remodel:

        • Marble – Marble countertops are classic, and will complement your kitchen even if you change the style completely. They are also incredibly durable.

        • Concrete – Concrete is an extremely versatile countertop material, as it can be poured into nearly any shape and stained in a variety of colors. It is becoming a fashionable option in modern kitchens.

        • Stainless steel – An increasingly popular choice, stainless steel countertops are easy to take care of and are one of the most bacteria-resistant choices around.

        • Solid surface – It’s amazing what solid surface can do these days. You might find yourself liking it better than natural stone, with its natural-looking color flecks and rich, dark shades to choose from.

        • Wood – When it’s correctly sealed and maintained, butcher block wood is a great choice for kitchen counters. It brings a warm feel to the kitchen and makes a sturdy work surface for food prep.

        • Recycled – There are so many recycled countertop materials on the market today that you can get virtually any look you want. Some of the most popular use things like recycled glass, fly ash, bamboo, and even paper to produce durable, beautiful surfaces.

        • Soapstone – Soapstone countertops are beloved for their earthy, matte gray finish, durability, and ease of installation. They do require a bit more maintenance than other choices, but fans say it’s worth it!

        • Granite – Known for its durability, granite’s natural veins and crystals give it a unique sparkle. It’s a top countertop choice because it is so versatile and easy to maintain.

        • Quartz – Quartz countertops come in a wide range of colors, and are both heat- and scratch-resistant.

        Kitchen Countertop Ideas

        When it comes time to remodel your Northern Virginia kitchen, Hambleton Construction can help you with countertop ideas—materials, styles, and more.

        Why Choose Hambleton for Your Virginia Kitchen Renovation?

        Hambleton Construction has been remodeling kitchens and installing countertops in the Northern Virginia area for more than a decade. We have the experience and knowledge to make your renovation a complete success. In addition:

        • We won’t push you to make the sale. Once we’ve finished your kitchen remodel estimate, we’ll present you with fair pricing for the project and options you want, and answer your questions honestly and directly. You won’t get pushy sales tactics from us. We want you to be well-informed and confident in your investment.

        • We arrive on time. We make every effort to be at your home at our scheduled start time. If for any reason we think we might be late, we will let you know.

        • We keep your home as clean as possible. The first day of your kitchen remodeling project, we set up dust protection and floor protection. We clean up at the end of EVERY day, making sure we leave your home as clean as possible.

        Want to learn more about our kitchen remodeling process? Contact us.


          Cabinet Installation in Virginia

          Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? Then you’ve probably got cabinets on your mind. Cabinets are essential to the style and functionality of your kitchen and home. Selecting the right cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom has a significant impact on your home and your family’s day-to-day living.

          Hambleton Construction is an expert in helping clients select and installing the perfect cabinets in their homes. If you’re interested in learning more about our cabinet selection and installation process, contact us today. We can also give you a cabinetry estimate for your Virginia kitchen or bathroom!

          New Cabinet Installation for Bathrooms

          An older bathroom likely has cabinetry that could be improved in both style and storage capacity. Whether you are completely remodeling your bathroom, or simply updating the cabinetry and trim, we can help you choose the right cabinets to renew the space.

          Complete bath remodel with new cabinetry and tile.

          Bathroom cabinet ideas:

          • Wall-mounted cabinets – These cabinets don’t touch the floor, and their “floating” effect can help make a smaller bathroom appear larger. Wall-mounted cabinets look best in a sleek, modern bath.
          • Corner cabinets – Another good choice for small bathrooms, corner cabinets are a smart use of space.
          • Medicine cabinets – An old standby, the medicine cabinet offers a high-visibility opportunity for a style update. It can set the mood for your entire bathroom—rustic, modern, vintage, or traditional.
          • Vanity cabinets – The cabs under your sink can do a lot more than just hide the pipes. The drawers and doors add polish and functionality. Looking for a fresh take? Open shelving beneath the vanity is become more popular.

          Bathroom Storage

          We can maximize the storage space in your bathroom by installing built-in organizers and pull-out shelving in your new cabinets.

          Hambleton Construction will work with you to go through our impressive selection of bathroom cabinets to find the perfect fit for your home. Call today to learn more about our bathroom remodeling services.

          New Kitchen Cabinet Installation in Virginia

          The right cabinetry can take your kitchen from “a place to cook” to “the place to be!” Hambleton Construction’s experienced team of kitchen remodelers can transform your kitchen into a more functional, fantastic space.

          Bright remodeled kitchen featuring Silestone countertops and cherry cabinets.

          Kitchen cabinet ideas:

          • A mix of cabinets and open shelving – Switching up profiles and storage types gives your kitchen an extra touch of personality along with a casual, friendly feel.
          • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets – If you have the room and a lot of equipment to store, floor-to-ceiling cabinets can be a smart choice—particularly if you entertain often. Linens, serving platters, extra dishes and glassware, and other tableware just for guests can live here in between dinner parties.
          • Pullout drawers and shelving – These built-in organizers keep kitchen tools out of the way while making them easily accessible for everyday use.
          • Drawer inserts for cutlery, spices, and more – Again, these organizational additions just make cooking and serving easier!
          • Custom storage for wine, cookbooks, appliances like stand mixers and juicers, and baking tools like cookie sheets and muffin pans – Why shop for storage units when you can build in space for your favorite culinary hobbies and interests?
          • Shelving and cabinetry custom-fit to awkward or narrow spaces – Think those inches above the refrigerator are unusable? Think again. Some tiny or oddly-configured spots can be transformed into ingenious storage spaces.

          We offer a wide range of cabinet finishes, styles, and hardware to choose from, whether you choose custom, semi-custom, or stock cabinetry for your kitchen.

          Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinet Installation in Great Falls, Alexandria, Arlington, Vienna, Fairfax & Centreville

          Hambleton Construction is dedicated to providing the finest craftsmanship to each remodeling project and the finest service to each client. We work hand-in-hand with you to make sure we understand your expectations for the project, and then we strive to meet that vision.

          With our extensive skill and experience in selecting and installing cabinets, we are uniquely qualified to update or completely transform your bath or kitchen. To learn more, and get a quote on your project, contact us today!


            Virginia Two-Story Additions

            Thinking of building a two-story addition on your Virginia home? Hambleton Construction can help you create the space you want with a custom second-story addition.

            Contact us today to start planning your addition.

            Types of Second-Floor Additions

            Depending on your needs and circumstances, you can opt to build above your garage, construct a second-floor sunroom, open up your master bedroom into a luxurious suite, make more room for guests, give your kids the playroom they’ve always wanted, or create whatever new space you wish.

            Where to Start?

            Your best bet is to start with a wish list. List every thought, whim, and desire. That way, as we plug in budget, any zoning or code restrictions, or additional opportunities that we discover during the assessment phase, you can subtract, switch out, or add features to fit.

            Addition Tips

            When building an addition, there are many decisions to be made. We think these tips will help you plan a successful project.

            • As much as you can, try to match the siding, windows, roofing, and trim of your home. You want your addition to look like a natural extension of the home, not a separate, tacked-on structure. If you cannot get an exact match, using materials in the same tonal family will make sense.
            • Along those same lines (no pun intended!), you also want to match architectural elements. For instance, if your home has dormered or shuttered windows, the addition should too. An exception to this rule would be when you are adding a second-floor bay or picture window.  
            • The roof pitch should be the same for visual continuity.

            Before You Build Up

            When we start planning your second-story addition, one of the first things we’ll check is the strength of your home’s foundation. If we find that the existing foundation and bearings can support another floor, we’ll start drawing up the plans. If not, we can reinforce the foundation, walls, and other supports.

            We’ll also assess your HVAC system to determine what upgrades we’ll need to make, if any. It’s typically easy to extend pipes and ducts upwards, but that depends on your home’s construction and features.

            Height Restrictions and Other Considerations

            Your city, town, or municipality may have restrictions regarding height and other construction factors. At Hambleton Construction, we are very familiar with the codes and zoning laws in Northern Virginia. We will build within lawful regulations and secure all the necessary permits.  

            No matter what the restrictions are in your area, we will do our best to come up with a design that meets your needs!

            Will a Second-Floor Addition Add Value to My Home?

            Most homeowners can expect to get back around 65 percent of the cost of the addition at resale. However, the value a two-story addition adds to your home’s selling price will vary depending on your neighborhood and other considerations.

            Will I Need an Architect to Design My Addition?

            When building a second-floor addition, you will need professional drawings by an architect. If you don’t already have an architect, we can suggest a local professional that we regularly use and highly recommend.

            Build a Two-Story Addition on Your Virginia Home

            When you’re ready to start planning your second-floor addition, contact us! Hambleton Construction has been building custom additions in Virginia for nearly a decade. We look forward to helping you transform your home.


              In-Law Suites

              Multi-generational households, whether by circumstance or design, are becoming more common across the U.S. With the right planning and forethought, living with parents or in-laws can be comfortable and beneficial for every member of the family.

              Hambleton Construction has created accommodations of all styles and sizes for in-laws all over Northern Virginia. Contact us to learn more about our work.

              In-Law Suite Options

              Warm, inviting space with built-in shelving and cabinetry and a stone fireplace.

              There are many ways to rearrange or create space for an aging or ill parent.

              • Addition – Building out a bedroom and bath, perhaps with a small sitting area or kitchenette, is a great way to give your new resident his or her own space while keeping them close to the rest of the family.
              • Garage conversion – Transforming a garage into a living space keeps construction out of the main house. We can put in insulation, install an HVAC system, make electrical upgrades, add windows and doors, and do any other modifications that need to be made. Depending on the garage structure, building above it may also be an option.
              • Basement – Making an in-law suite out of a finished basement preserves the occupant’s privacy and minimizes disruption of the home’s flow. And a basement can be as simple or as opulent as you like. We can build a minimal suite with just the basics, or an apartment-style space with multiple rooms, a full kitchen, and other features.
              • Separate structure – Building a guest house or cottage on your property gives the occupant the utmost privacy and independence—while maintaining access to the main home via a marked path or covered walkway. This option gives you near-total freedom as far as design and features are concerned.

              Accessible Design

              Accessible or universal design is a way of making a home comfortable and functional for everyone who resides in or visits it. Your parent or in-law may be moving in because of an illness or disability, but even if he or she is in perfect health, accessibility is a practical consideration.

              Universal design features you may consider for your in-law suite include:

              • Lever-style door handles
              • Curbless showers that enable a wheelchair- or walker-user to enter and exit with ease
              • Wider doorways to accommodate wheelchairs
              • Entryways and exits without steps
              • Grab bars in the bathroom
              • Knee space under sinks and counters
              • Controls and switches in lower, easily-accessed areas

              We can also install an elevator or chairlift. If your occupant has unique needs, we can work with you to design custom features.

              Will I Need an Architect to Design My In-Law Suite?

              To build an addition or separate structure, you will need professional drawings by an architect. Engaging an architect on your in-law suite ensures that:

              • You see what you are going to get before it is built. A professional architect can show you computer renderings of your project so you can approve the design.
              • Everyone is on the same page. Professional drawings clarify the necessary work and job specifications, allowing an accurate project bid.
              • The finished product looks great, is practical to use, and will be a sound investment. The extra money spent on a good architect is always worth the cost.

              If you don’t already have an architect, we can suggest a local professional that we use regularly and highly recommend.

              Build an In-Law Suite in Northern Virginia

              Having parents or other relatives move in is a true lifestyle change. Well-designed accommodations can help create a better home for your whole family.

              Contact Hambleton Construction today to start planning your in-law suite.


                Northern Virginia Bathroom Design

                Thinking of bathroom design ideas for your Virginia home? At Hambleton Construction, we specialize in custom bathroom design and remodeling. We’ve been renovating bathrooms—from grand master suites to tidy powder rooms—in the NOVA area for nearly a decade and we’d love to help you make over yours!

                Contact us to learn about our bathroom design services.

                Bathroom Design Ideas

                Remodeled bathroom with granite-topped vanity and custom tile work.

                While kitchens have several tried-and-true layouts to design around, bathrooms can be configured in nearly any way, shape, or form. Although there are code requirements to consider when planning the space, your bathroom’s design potential depends mainly on your tastes, needs, and budget.

                Bathroom Options

                Master Suite Baths – A well-designed master bath not only adds a bit of luxury to your day-to-day, but also increases the efficiency of your mornings. Maximized space, functional storage, separate dressing areas, and double sinks add up to more room for two people to get up and get going! We’ve designed Northern Virginia bathrooms that include:

                • Dual-head showers
                • Whirlpool and soaking tubs
                • Glass-enclosure showers with benches
                • Separate water closets for optimum privacy
                • Radiant heat flooring
                • Glass block windows
                • Mosaic tile

                Guest Baths and Powder Rooms – Many homeowners delight in creating a warm, welcoming space for guests in their secondary bathrooms and powder rooms. These rooms can also provide the opportunity to express creativity and personal style. Whether you go spa or rustic, remodeling your guest bath with indulgent features and attractive fixtures will make it a comfortably-appointed space. Our clients have chosen features like these for their guest baths and powder rooms:

                • Tile wainscoting
                • Granite countertops
                • Walk-in showers
                • Laundry closets with stacked washer and dryer

                Plumbing Possibilities

                If you’re using your bath’s existing drains and hook-ups, you will need to choose products that will fit into their arrangement. Your options will increase if you are adding or moving plumbing.


                • Recessed or corner tubs – These common styles typically are enclosed within three walls, with only one side of the tub exposed. This style is often used when a homeowner wants a shower/tub combo or is outfitting a smaller bathroom.
                • Freestanding tubs – Freestanding tubs—exposed on all sides—offer more options as far as placement and style are concerned. Styles range from vintage-look clawfoot tubs to set-in whirlpool and jetted tubs.


                Your new or remodeled bath’s purpose should help you decide what type of sink to choose. A double-bowl vanity is a practical choice for a master bath or a hall bath shared by a large family. A decorative, showpiece vessel sink can bring color and interest to a small powder room.

                • Pedestal – Ideal for a small bathroom or powder room.
                • Vanity – Excellent choice for a bathroom that gets a lot of use; double sinks or extra counter space can help make the room more functional, as can storage areas underneath.
                • Wall-hung – Seen often in modern and contemporary baths.


                Gone are the days when you just had a standard toilet installed! Today you can choose from several energy-efficient varieties, as well as different looks. From sleek, contemporary lines to hand-painted scenes, there’s a toilet style out there for every taste!

                • Dual-flush – A smart way to save water, dual-flush toilets allow you, usually via a split button, to flush with either .08 gallons or 1.6 gallons of water.
                • One-piece – One-piece toilets are less common and often more expensive, but some homeowners find their sleeker look appealing and see them as easier to clean than traditional two-piece commodes.
                • Two-piece – The most common toilet style, where the separate bowl and tank pieces are attached with bolts.

                Custom Bathrooms in Virginia

                These options merely scratch the surface of bath design. We have plenty of bathroom design ideas and we know you do, too! Call Hambleton today to start planning your custom bathroom design.

                Contact us to learn why our clients enthusiastically recommend us to their friends and neighbors.


                • Kitchen Remodeling
                • Bathroom Remodeling
                • Kitchen & Bath Design
                • Cabinets
                • Countertops
                • Sinks
                • Bathtubs
                • Tile
                • Appliances

                  Northern Virginia Kitchen Design

                  Have you got some kitchen design ideas for your Virginia home? At Hambleton Construction, we specialize in custom kitchen design and remodeling. We’ve been transforming kitchens in the NOVA area for nearly a decade and we’d love to help you open up the potential in yours!

                  Contact us to learn about our kitchen design services.

                  Kitchen Design Ideas

                  Kitchen remodel with granite countertops and cherry cabinets.

                  Before you start planning the kitchen of your dreams, it’s helpful to know some kitchen design basics.

                  Standard Kitchen Layouts

                  • Galley – A popular layout for smaller kitchens, such as those in apartments, a galley sets appliances and workspace along the walls of a narrow room, which is often open to a dining area.
                  • L-Shape – The L-Shape kitchen is a versatile style that maximizes corner space and works well in small-to-medium spaces.
                  • One-Wall – All appliances, cabinets, and fixtures are on a single wall in this style, popular in lofts and studios.
                  • Peninsula – Also known as G-Shape, this layout adds an extra partial wall to a U- or L-shaped kitchen.
                  • U-Shape – With three walls of appliances and cabinets, this flexible layout allows for smooth workflow.

                  The Kitchen Triangle

                  The kitchen work triangle is a concept long relied upon by interior designers. The triangle consists of the stovetop, sink, and refrigerator, each on its own angle. Established in the 1940s to increase efficiency in the smaller, closed-off kitchens of that era, the triangle is being replaced by “work zones.” Work zones make your kitchen layout more functional by putting appliances and spaces that you use most often in the order in which you use them.

                  Kitchen Island

                  The kitchen island is another design concept that has evolved along with the American lifestyle. There are several ways the island can be used:

                  • To create additional work space and storage – A simple island with a countertop and cabinets in its base can transform your kitchen into a much more functional place.
                  • To provide extra seating – An overhanging countertop with stools makes room for quick meals and keeps the kitchen social.
                  • As a place for the sink – An island used as additional counter space can hold a small prep sink in addition to the kitchen’s main sink.
                  • As a home for the stovetop – Some homeowners choose to have their stovetop built in to the island. If you choose this option, remember that a range hood will have to be placed above the stovetop.

                  Planning for a Kitchen Island

                  If you want to add an island to your existing kitchen without enlarging the space, keep these guidelines in mind:

                  • You’ll require at least 11 X 11 square feet of extra space to accommodate the island
                  • To be fully functional, the island should measure at least 4 X 2 feet.
                  • You need a minimum of 3.5 feet of space between all counters.

                  Kitchen Design Styles

                  You can remodel your Northern Virginia kitchen into any style you like, and you don’t have to stick to just one. These are just some examples of popular styles. Of course, with a custom kitchen design from Hambleton, you’ll achieve exactly the look you want, no matter what the style!

                  • Contemporary – Clean lines, minimal adornment, and stainless steel mix with simple lighting for this deceptively simple style.
                  • Country – Open shelving, glass-face cabinetry, rich cream colors, and cheerful details make up a warm country style kitchen.
                    • Farmhouse – Beadboard, an apron-front sink, and weathered touches create farmhouse appeal.
                    • French Country – This style relies on “worn” finishes, touches of toile and stripe, and rustic fixtures for its unique flair.
                  • Traditional – A traditionally-styled kitchen allows ample room for personality, as you can choose dark or light cabinetry, neutral shades, or pops of color, and from a variety of fixtures and appliance styles.
                  • Transitional – A mix of modern and traditional styles, a transitional kitchen may include granite countertops and upholstered stools along with clean lines and contemporary prints.
                  • Tuscan – Warm colors like red and orange blend with stone, brick, and iron for a welcoming, bucolic feel.

                  This is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to kitchen design. Hambleton can work with you to craft a custom kitchen design that will be a favorite family gathering spot, chef’s delight, design showcase—or all of the above!

                  Contact Hambleton to start your custom kitchen design.

                  Kitchen remodel with granite countertops and cherry cabinets.


                    Family Room Additions

                    Family Room Additions in Northern Virginia

                    Considering a family room addition for your Virginia home? Hambleton Construction can transform your living space with a custom addition. Contact us to start planning.

                    Family Room Addition Ideas

                    Airy, light-filled great room addition.

                    • Open up the kitchen/family room space. Creating an open plan for the kitchen and the new family room is often part of an addition. It makes a warm, inviting family area and helps the kitchen feel and look bigger.
                    • Create a home theater. Another popular choice, putting in a home theater or enhanced media space makes for increased family togetherness and spectacular movie nights! And since you’re building a new room from the ground up, you can have wiring installed in the walls and ceiling less expensively than if it was done to an existing room.
                    • Make room for formal entertaining. If you love to entertain, having your kitchen, family room, and outdoor space open to each other will make parties and events easier to manage and give guests a comfortable place to enjoy themselves.
                    • Increase storage. Consider built-in shelving and other storage options for your addition. This will make the room more functional and convenient to have family activities.
                    • Install a fireplace. A gas-burning unit is a good choice, as it doesn’t require a chimney. However, if you have your heart set on a wood-burner, it can be done—after all, we’re building a room from scratch, inside and out, so adding a chimney can be part of the plan.
                    • Open the house to the outdoors. French or sliding doors opening to a deck or patio will increase your entertaining space and provide a sense of airiness and light.

                    Benefits of a Family Room Addition

                    • Planning to move in the near future? You can expect to recoup about 63 percent of the cost when you sell your home.
                    • The new room can add lots of light. You can opt for floor-to-ceiling glass, or a bow, bay, or picture window, add skylights…there are endless ways to let light in to your new family room! And if you choose to have an archway or cutout built into the existing exterior wall, the light will reach even more of the house. This Arlington great room addition we built boasts exceptional light.
                    • Open family room additions are often added off the kitchen, which, in addition to making the kitchen look and feel bigger, opens up the space and increases room for family gatherings, entertaining, and just hanging out.

                    See our projects page for family room addition pictures.

                    Things to Consider When Planning a Family Room Addition

                    When planning a family room addition for your Northern Virginia home, be sure to take these factors into account:

                    • You will likely need additional HVAC to make the new room comfortable (a smaller addition may just need added ductwork or a small HVAC unit)
                    • The addition will take up some of your yard, leaving you with less outdoor space
                    • The work will take about 2 – 3 months or longer (depending on the scope of the project) to fully complete. We do our best to minimize the disruption to your daily activities and to ensure your comfort during construction.

                    Will I Need an Architect to Design My Addition?

                    When building an addition, you will need professional drawings by an architect. Engaging an architect on your family room addition project ensures that:

                    • You see what you are going to get before it is built. A professional architect can show you computer renderings of your project so you can approve the design.
                    • Everyone is on the same page. Professional drawings clarify the necessary work and job specifications, allowing an accurate project bid.
                    • The finished product looks great, is practical to use, and will be a sound investment. The extra money spent on a good architect is always worth the cost.

                    If you don’t already have an architect, we can suggest a local professional that we use regularly and recommend highly.

                    A room addition adds custom living space, making it a true lifestyle upgrade. Installing windows, a fireplace, built-in shelving, or other custom touches builds value and beauty into your home.

                    When you’re ready to start planning your new family room addition, contact us! Hambleton Construction has been building family room additions in Virginia for nearly a decade. We look forward to helping you transform your home.


                      Bathroom Remodeling

                      A bathroom renovation can up your home’s value while enhancing your family’s lifestyle at the same time. Whether you want to spruce up a powder room or guest bath, create a luxury spa in your master bath, or just update your fixtures, bring your bathroom ideas to Hambleton Construction and let us get to work!

                      Contact us to get an estimate for your Virginia bathroom renovation.

                      Bathroom Design Ideas

                      We can do every kind of bathroom remodel. Below are some typical bathroom renovation ideas.

                      Want to see what we can do? Please take a look at some of our finished bathroom remodels.

                      Remodeled bath with glass-enclosed, tiled shower.

                      Master Bathrooms

                      If your home is your castle, your master bath should be a royal dream. We can help you plan the right design for your lifestyle. When it comes to remodeling your master bathroom, consider:

                      • Creating more space: We can add cabinetry and/or shelving for storage, or possibly tear down walls, to make your bathroom larger.
                      • A spa shower: New tile, a glass enclosure, and the latest in showerhead technology can create a destination shower experience that you can enjoy every day!
                      • A vanity that works: Would two sinks add harmony to your morning routine? Do you need more countertop space or better lighting? A custom-designed vanity can make your bathroom more functional while adding a beautiful focal point.

                      We’ll show you our massive selection of bathroom cabinets, vanities, fixtures, tiles, shower enclosures and stalls, tubs, and other bathroom furniture and accessories.

                      Guest Baths and Powder Rooms

                      With a guest bathroom or front hall powder room, you can show off your style to every visitor. An appealing guest bath or charming powder room is a thoughtful space that adds value to your home.

                      Powder Room Ideas

                      • Small details: Little details can make a big impact in a powder room! A vessel sink, elaborately styled mirror, tile border, or colorful flooring can add just the right amount of personality to the space.
                      • Lighting: Sconces, recessed ceiling lights, or even a small chandelier can help soften the atmosphere in a tiny room.

                      Guest Bath Ideas

                      • A luxury tub: Add a whirlpool or soaking tub to make a real getaway for your guests—while adding to your home’s value.
                      • The right lights: Task lighting and soft overhead bulbs are practical options for a guest bath that must accommodate a variety of visitors.
                      • Storage: To ensure that your guests have access to whatever they might need, we can add shelving and cabinets that hold everything from towels to toothbrushes.

                      Small Bathroom Ideas

                      If you have a small bathroom and can’t or don’t want to tear down walls to make it bigger, we can help. We’ll plan storage options and help you select tubs, sinks, toilets, lighting, and fixtures that will make the most of the space you have. Thoughtful consideration of your family’s needs is crucial to a small bathroom remodel—and we are experts when it comes to that!

                      Contact us today for a bathroom remodel estimate.

                      Why Choose Hambleton for Your Virginia Bathroom Renovation?

                      Besides the fact that we love what we do, and we work to ensure your complete satisfaction, here’s why you should choose us:

                      • We won’t push you to make the sale. Once we’ve finished your bathroom remodel estimate, we’ll present you with fair pricing for the project and options you want, and answer your questions honestly and directly. You won’t get pushy sales tactics from us. We want you to be well-informed and confident in your investment.
                      • We arrive on time. We make every effort to be at your home at our scheduled start time. If for any reason we think we might be late, we will let you know.
                      • We keep your home as clean as possible. The first day of your bath remodeling project, we set up dust protection and floor protection. We clean up at the end of EVERY day, making sure we leave your home as clean as possible.

                      Want to know more? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us.


                      • Cabinets
                      • Countertops and vanities
                      • Sinks and fixtures
                      • Bathtubs
                      • Tile and flooring
                      • Remodeled Bathrooms

                        Remodeled Bathrooms

                        Remodeled bathrooms with granite countertops and trim work.

                      • Great Falls Bathroom Remodel

                        Great Falls Bathroom Remodel

                        Master Bathroom Remodel

                      • Contemporary Renovation

                        Contemporary Renovation

                        A contemporary renovation with custom trim work throughout

                      • Custom Woodworking in Virginia

                        As part of our Northern Virginia remodeling services, Hambleton Construction provides custom woodworking to beautify the interiors of our clients’ homes.

                        Our skilled craftsmen can produce the finest interior woodworking components, custom-built specifically for your home. We use traditional old-world techniques to create distinctive built-in furniture, stair and rail systems, cabinetry, and more. No matter what your style or preference—whether it is classic or modern—we can build something to suit your needs.

                        Contact us today to find out how our expert woodworking team can customize your home.

                        Millwork for Northern Virginia Homes

                        If you have a traditional Virginia home, we can craft custom wood details in the Colonial or Federal style that suits your interior. If your home is more modern, traditional, or contemporary, we can design millwork that complements those styles. Some of the millwork we’ve crafted for our Northern Virginia clients includes:

                        • Stair railings – Take your staircase from boring to bold with finely carved railings and balusters. They can be finished in your choice of glaze or stain, or painted to match your décor.
                        • Window casings – Can’t find a stock casing that’s quite right? No problem—we’ll custom-build them to your specifications.
                        • Baseboards – They’re a small detail—but one that makes a difference! Decorative baseboards can add subtle panache to a casual room and bring up the elegance level in a more formal setting.
                        • Crown molding – Crown molding is a detail you can really have fun with. Go as ornate as you like—or make a statement with unadorned simplicity.
                        • Mantels – Take advantage of the fireplace mantel’s role as the focal point of the room by making it into a visual centerpiece. Elaborate beading, charming cornices, stately columns—all of these details and more can make your mantel stand out.

                        Custom Wood Cabinets and Countertops

                        Although we offer a wide range of stock and semi-custom cabinets and countertops from a variety of manufacturers, we can also craft custom wood cabinets and butcher block countertops!

                        • Custom cabinets – If you have a vintage or antique door style in mind, or have come up with your own one-of-a-kind cabinet design, our fine woodworkers can create cabinets for your kitchen, bath, or any room in your home.
                        • Butcher block countertops – We are big fans of butcher block countertops here at Hambleton. We can craft one for you in solid wood, or put together several different colors and varieties of wood for a one-of-a-kind kitchen countertop.

                        Custom Built-ins

                        If you’re having a room addition built, or completely renovating a part of your home, consider having built-in shelving or other furniture crafted into the new space. Built-in bookcases create more space and are often highly coveted by buyers.

                        Northern Virginia Custom-Crafted Woodwork

                        If you are looking for a Virginia remodeler who can also provide custom fine woodworking, please call Hambleton Construction. We love putting our artistry to work in our clients’ homes. Our craftsmen will work with you to discuss the vision you have in mind for the custom woodwork in your home, and then start crafting that vision into reality!

                        If you’re considering custom woodwork in your home or remodel, contact Hambleton.


                        • Cabinets
                        • Bookshelves
                        • Media Cabinets & Closets
                        • Hanging Wall Cabinets
                        • Interior Trim
                        • Ornamental Millwork
                        • Stair & Rail Systems
                        • Hand Crafted Library

                          Hand Crafted Library

                          Hand crafted cabinets from sugar pine provide a traditional and natural feel to this unique home.

                        • Arlington Great Room Addition

                          Arlington Great Room Addition

                          Added one story addition off rear of house that includes, domed ceiling, fireplace, and screen porch

                        • Elegant Exterior Restoration

                          Elegant Exterior Restoration

                          Completely redesigned exterior of this Arlington home.

                        • Moulding & Trim Work in VA

                          Moulding and trim work can add polish, refinement, and aesthetic appeal to your home while increasing its value. Crown moulding is decorative trim used to soften angles and create transitions between a room’s walls and ceiling. Numerous other types of moulding can be used to refine aspects of your home, including columns, fireplaces, doorways, and more. This skill requires years of hands-on experience to install as well as a sense of design to ensure the moulding flows with the home's architecture.

                          Contact us today to have our moulding and trim specialists refine your home.

                          Types of Moulding and Trim

                          • Wainscoting and chair rails – Wainscoting is paneling that stretches from the baseboard upwards in one of two lengths. High wainscoting covers two-thirds of the wall while low wainscoting covers one half, or up to the chair rail. Chair rails are raised strips of trim that prevent chairs from marking the wall, as in a dining room. Wainscoting can match the color of the wall it’s on or can be painted in a complementary or contrasting color for decorative flair.
                          • Crown moulding – A flared ornamental trim typically applied against a seam where wall meets ceiling, crown moulding originated in the late Renaissance—and has remained much the same since!
                          • Beadboard – Beadboard is an understated option for less formal spaces. Available in wide or narrow planks, it looks best in country or cottage-style décor and is often used in mudrooms, laundry rooms, and bonus rooms.
                          • Box beams – Purely decorative, box beams add architectural interest to ceilings. These three-sided wooden beams are meant to mimic solid structures. They can simply stretch across the length of a ceiling or be installed in a decorative pattern.
                          • Paneling –Today’s wood paneling is much more sophisticated than its 1970s predecessors. Wood paneling can be a beautiful option for adding warmth to a room and looks at home in ultra-modern or rustic settings.
                          • Custom – You can have trim and moulding mounted nearly anywhere. Moulding can help a built-in bookcase stand out or bring an archway into beautiful relief.

                          Moulding That Suits Your Taste

                          Since Hambleton Construction does custom moulding and trim work, we can create any kind of look you want. Custom trim has the power to make a room truly distinctive. Consider it for rooms such as these:

                          • Living or great room – Add some wainscoting to take things in a formal or funky direction. Imagine a bold color halfway up the wall, with unique wallpaper on top!
                          • Kitchen – Add some interest to your kitchen walls with custom trim. Picture it around a range hood or as an ornamental piece around cabinetry. Beadboard looks great in a country or cottage-style kitchen.
                          • Dining room – A natural place for chair rails, the dining room can go formal with the right crown moulding and other details.
                          • Bedroom – Give your bedroom a polished look with ornate or simple moulding.
                          • Bathroom – Custom trim and moulding brings drama to a large bath. It can be used to add personality into a small bath or powder room.

                          Custom Moulding & Trim in Fairfax County

                          When it’s time to add those finishing touches, call Hambleton Construction for custom moulding and trim work in Fairfax County! Contact us to schedule a consultation.


                          • Chair Rail
                          • Crown Moulding
                          • Shadow Boxes
                          • Window Casings
                          • Wainscoting
                          • Interior Trim
                          • Exterior Trim
                          • Painting
                          • Contemporary Renovation

                            Contemporary Renovation

                            A contemporary renovation with custom trim work throughout

                          • Arlington Great Room Addition

                            Arlington Great Room Addition

                            Added one story addition off rear of house that includes, domed ceiling, fireplace, and screen porch

                          • Kitchen, Living Room, & Bathroom

                            Kitchen, Living Room, & Bathroom

                            Completely remodeled to open up the living area and to provide a bright, contemporary feel

                          • Exterior Home Renovation in Virginia

                            Have you been thinking about upgrading your home’s exterior? Renovating the exterior of your Virginia home adds curb appeal and increased protection from the elements. These are just a couple of the reasons why money spent on the exterior of your home is a good investment.

                            Whether you want to give your roof and siding a facelift, add a unique trellis in your backyard, install a maintenance-free deck, enlarge your front porch, or alter your dormers, Hambleton can help amp up your exterior’s appeal and create new spaces for outdoor living.

                            Inviting porch addition with stone columns and flooring.

                            When you’re ready to start planning your Virginia exterior home renovation, contact Hambleton.

                            Siding for Your Virginia Home

                            We use James Hardie (JH) fiber cement siding because we have found it to outperform its competitors in the following categories:

                            • Durability: JH siding is rot- and insect-resistant. It also resists warping and delamination. And because it’s five times thicker than vinyl siding, it offers superior insulation and protection from the elements. We can install it to withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour.
                            • Fire Protection: Fiber cement siding is inherently flame-resistant, as it’s composed mostly of sand and cement. It will not ignite or provide fuel to a fire. (No building material is 100 percent fireproof.)
                            • Color and Style: You can choose from a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles of James Hardie siding. Its ColorPlus Technology finish comes with a 15-year limited warranty that covers both paint and labor and protects against peeling, cracking, and chipping.
                            • Return on Investment: For eight years in a row, fiber cement siding has been recognized as the project that provides the highest return on investment. 

                            Benefits of Having Siding Installed

                            • Siding, especially fiber cement, can help increase the energy-efficiency of your home by providing added insulation.
                            • Siding gives your home a new look, enhancing curb appeal and resale value.
                            • If you decide to sell your home, you’ll recoup up to 79 percent of the cost.


                            If it’s time to replace your roof, give us a call here at Hambleton.  A new roof, much like new siding, can significantly increase your home’s market value, as well as contribute to the longevity of your home. We use CertainTeed roofing products, which are available in a variety of styles.

                            Replacing Windows in Virginia

                            New windows can do wonders for your home. Well-insulated, energy-efficient windows can help lower your utility bills.  Replacing old windows also helps give your home’s curb appeal new life!

                            We install Andersen windows:


                            An entry door plays a big part in your Virginia home’s first impression. You can play it up with a bold color or distinctive hardware, while increasing the security of your home and adding additional protection against heat loss. Want more light in your entryway or front room? We can install a secure windowed door to bring in the sunshine.

                            We also install storm doors, security doors, and patio doors. If you have a unique door problem, let us know! We would love to come up with a solution.

                            Porches & Screened Porches

                            Expand your living and entertaining space with a traditional porch or screened porch. We can build just enough space for a porch swing or room for big family get-togethers! A porch increases your lifestyle options while also adding resale value to your home.

                            Trim & Railing

                            The trim and railings on the exterior of your home can be much more than just necessary accessories. The right trim will enhance the look of your home and add style and curb appeal. We use AZEK trim and railing and Versatex trimboard because of their superior quality and low-maintenance reliability. Hambleton also has expert woodworkers on staff who can craft custom exterior wood trim for your home.


                            Gutters aren’t the most exciting exterior product, but they are necessary! Properly installed, quality gutters will protect your siding from rot and water stains, keep your basement and crawlspaces dry, and sends water away from your windows. We can install gutters that match your home’s trim or otherwise blend seamlessly into the background.

                            No matter what the exterior renovation project, we install all of our products with superior workmanship, so you get the best quality and a weather-tight home.

                            Contact us today and let us transform your home’s exterior!


                            • Siding
                            • Roofing
                            • Porches
                            • Screened Porches
                            • Hardi Siding
                            • Gutters
                            • Windows
                            • Doors
                            • PVC Trim
                            • Azek Trim
                            • Railing
                            • Sunroom Addition

                              Sunroom Addition

                              A bright, spacious living area full of natural light

                            • Front Porch Addition

                              Front Porch Addition

                              A completely new look for the front of this home.

                            • Elegant Exterior Restoration

                              Elegant Exterior Restoration

                              Completely redesigned exterior of this Arlington home.

                            • Basement Remodeling in VA

                              Do you want to add more living space to your home, but don’t want to build an addition? Finishing your basement is an ideal way to increase your living space without major disruption of your everyday life—and it is typically less expensive than adding an addition onto your existing house. Hambleton Construction can help you turn idle space into a place to relax and rejuvenate. We can rearrange walls, cut out new windows, install recessed lighting, and add an extra bedroom or bathroom.

                              Contact us for basement finishing in Virginia!

                              Finished Basement Ideas

                              Finished basement with comfortable seating and room to entertain.

                              The first step to realizing your basement’s potential is to decide how you want to use the space. Of course, you don’t have to choose just one option! We can remodel your Virginia basement into one or any combination of these spaces:

                              • Family room or recreation room – Imagine a spacious, yet cozy and comfortable room (or suite of rooms!) where the family can relax, play games, watch movies, or otherwise just spend quality time together.
                              • Home theater or media/entertainment space – A finished basement is perfect for relegating video game consoles and other media, so that those who want to use them can do so without disrupting the rest of the household. And of course, movie nights are a lot more fun in a home theater complete with comfy chairs, a big screen, and a popcorn machine!
                              • Playroom – When kids’ toys start taking over your décor, it’s time to build a playroom! Give the little ones their own space to play and imagine, while keeping the upper level tidy. When your kids get older, the room can be repurposed.
                              • Guest quarters – Impress your guests with a well-appointed suite. We can build extra bedrooms and baths in your finished basement, along with a mini-kitchen and other amenities, to indulge guests or long-term visitors. The bonus here is that you will no longer have to disrupt your routine to make room for company.
                              • Home gym or studio space for dance or exercise – Save time and effort by getting your blood pumping at home! A finished basement can be a perfect spot for a home gym (with ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes, etc.), weight room, yoga space, or other exercise options.
                              • Craft or hobby space – Let’s face it; it’s a pain to have to clear space on the dining room table or living room floor to indulge your creative side. We can custom-build space for your most beloved hobbies: crafting, sewing, painting, sculpting, scrapbooking and card making, model train building, collecting, and more. Imagine having easily accessible storage for all your tools and materials! We can make it happen.
                              • Home office or workspace – If you work from home, you know that in order to be productive, it’s crucial to have a workspace that is clearly delineated from your “home space.” Heading downstairs to your basement office might be the most effective way to create that line!
                              • Entertainment space – A bar, a mini-kitchen, and comfortable seating are just the start. We can customize your finished basement for game nights, big family get-togethers, informal wine-and-cheese parties—or whatever you wish!

                              Basement Remodeling Steps

                              There are typically three phases to a finished basement project, each with its own set of steps.

                              1. Preparation
                                • Schedule the project and staffing
                                • Order materials
                                • Secure building permits
                                • Set up protection – The first day of your remodeling project, we set up dust protection and floor protection. We clean up at the end of EVERY day, making sure we leave your home as clean as possible.
                              2. Construction
                                • Frame the walls
                                • Install HVAC, plumbing, and electrical
                                • Put up drywall and texture the walls
                              3. Finishing
                                • Install trim and other carpentry
                                • Install fixtures and lighting
                                • Paint
                                • Put down carpeting or other flooring
                                • Install any other special trims

                              How Long Does a Basement Remodel Take?

                              The length of a basement finishing project depends on several factors, including scope of the job, current state of the basement, availability of materials, and other variables. When we give you your estimate, we will also give you an accurate range of when you can expect the basement to be completed.

                              Why Choose Hambleton Construction for my Virginia Finished Basement Project?

                              • We won’t push you to make the sale. Once we’ve finished the estimate, we’ll present you with fair pricing for the project and options you want, and answer your questions honestly and directly. You won’t get pushy sales tactics from us. We want you to be well-informed and confident in your investment.
                              • We arrive on time. We make every effort to be at your home at our scheduled start time. If for any reason we think we might be late, we will contact you to let you know. Ongoing communication is very important to us.
                              • Our work is outstanding. We are in the remodeling business because we love it, and we are extremely proud of our work. Please take a look at our past projects for examples of our fine workmanship. We are happy to provide references.

                              Contact Hambleton Construction today to get started on your finished basement!


                              • Refinishing
                              • Waterproofing
                              • Extra Bathrooms
                              • Extra Bedrooms
                              • Game Rooms
                              • Pool Rooms
                              • Theater Rooms
                              • Wet Bars
                              • Basement Transformation

                                Basement Transformation

                                A contemporary living space with huge open areas.

                              • Outdoor Areas

                                Expanding your outdoor living space adds a great element to your homes living areas. Outdoor areas have a great range of uses and styles. You can add a simple cozy front porch or create an outdoor living space complete with patio and kitchen. The only limit is your imagination. Hambleton has created many unique spaces from custom pergolas and trellis, decks, screen porches, and stone patios. We use the best materials and craftsmanship to create a distinct look for your home.

                                Contact us today and let your outdoor dreams become a reality.


                                • Patios
                                • Porches
                                • Screened Porches
                                • Decks
                                • Outdoor Kitchens
                                • Stone Patios
                                • Pergolas
                                • Trellis
                                • Custom Arbors
                                • Gazebos
                                • Arlington Great Room Addition

                                  Arlington Great Room Addition

                                  Added one story addition off rear of house that includes, domed ceiling, fireplace, and screen porch

                                • Elegant Exterior Restoration

                                  Elegant Exterior Restoration

                                  Completely redesigned exterior of this Arlington home.

                                • Front Porch Addition

                                  Front Porch Addition

                                  A completely new look for the front of this home.

                                • Kitchen Remodeling in VA

                                  Are you thinking about updating your kitchen to improve the look and feel of your space as well as the functionality? Whether you want a kitchen primarily for entertaining guests, cooking family dinners, or enjoying intimate dishes for two, Hambleton Construction has the experience and dedication to build a kitchen that meets all your needs.

                                  After all, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. Whether you’re a gourmet chef or you prefer catered dinner parties, you probably spend a lot of time in this space. And it’s often a room your guests see as well. When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Virginia, don’t take chances on just any remodeling company. Choose Hambleton Construction to transform your home with a custom kitchen remodel that’s perfect for you. Call us today!

                                  Remodeled kitchen with pine cabinets and pendant lamps.

                                  Our Kitchen Remodeling Company

                                  Kitchen remodeling can be complicated, but Hambleton Construction makes the whole process easy for our clients from start to finish. We work with you throughout all stages of your project to create a custom kitchen that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

                                  Before we begin installation, our kitchen remodeling company will provide you with a complete price so there are no surprises later on. We then begin each project with an initial design meeting so we can discuss your style ideas and one of our kitchen remodeling experts can provide suggestions to give you the best possible space. You can also use our vendors for help selecting products and materials for your cabinets, countertops, floors, and tiles as well as our product selection sheet, which will guide you on what items need to be picked out.

                                  When you choose our kitchen remodeling company in Northern Virginia, you can rest assured that we’ll carefully examine each detail throughout all phases of construction. And we follow a schedule that allows us to complete each project in a timely manner so you won’t be left waiting to use your new kitchen.

                                  Looking for ideas? Click here to see photos of our remodeling projects.

                                  Kitchen Remodels in Great Falls, Alexandria, Arlington, Vienna, Fairfax & Centreville

                                  At Hambleton Construction, we understand what fine craftsmanship looks like—and we apply this knowledge to each and every kitchen remodel project we complete. What’s more, we work hand-in-hand with each client, providing steady communication throughout the kitchen installation process so you can be sure there won’t be any changes you don’t approve.

                                  Our kitchen remodeling company works hard to make sure that your new kitchen meets all your style, functionality, and budget requirements, while maximizing the space you have. Taking into consideration how many people regularly use your kitchen, how often you entertain guests, how much cooking you do, and how much storage space you need, we’ll help you bring your dream kitchen to life.

                                  Are you looking for a kitchen remodeling company that’s committed to its clients, punctual, easy to work with, and professional? Look no further! Whether you want to incorporate a new kitchen design into a whole house renovation or just want to update this space, Hambleton Construction is the kitchen remodeling company for you. Contact us today to install your dream kitchen in Great Falls, Alexandria, Arlington, Vienna, Fairfax, or Centreville.


                                  • Kitchen Remodeling
                                  • Bathroom Remodeling
                                  • Kitchen & Bath Design
                                  • Cabinets
                                  • Countertops
                                  • Sinks
                                  • Bathtubs
                                  • Tile
                                  • Appliances
                                  • Luxury Kitchen Remodel

                                    Luxury Kitchen Remodel

                                    Luxury state of the art appliances, beautiful granite countertops, and cherry cabinets.

                                  • Kitchen Remodel

                                    Kitchen Remodel

                                    This spacious kitchen was remodeled with pine cabinets, granite countertops, and trim work.

                                  • Kitchen Remodel

                                    Kitchen Remodel

                                    A classy, contemporary kitchen renovation.

                                  • Whole House Renovations in Virginia

                                    Is your home in need of a complete renovation? Updating your home is a sound way to increase its market value. Hambleton Construction can help you with many of the decisions that go into renovating your Virginia home. Contact us for a free estimate.

                                    Rustic great room renovation with exposed beams and stone fireplace.

                                    Whole House Renovation Ideas

                                    When it comes to house renovation ideas, you have a lot of options to consider. We can do home renovations that completely alter the home’s original structure, or we can update your finishes to modernize your home’s look and feel. Adding new molding, doors, flooring, lighting, specialty wall coatings, and other finishes can freshen up your home’s interiors and breathe new life into your living space. In any case, we will work with you to decide what the best, most cost-efficient, and valuable options are for your home and your needs.

                                    Take a look at our work on a contemporary whole house renovation.

                                    More Home Renovation Ideas:

                                    • Interior makeover – Creating more usable space, updating finishes, and building in special features like shelving, cabinetry, or entertainment enhancements can increase the livability and enjoyment of your home. See the work we did on this rustic interior renovation in VA.
                                    • Exterior makeover – Updating your home’s windows, siding, and roofing, and adding new trim, stonework, or other features is a great way to boost curb appeal. See an Arlington, Virginia exterior home renovation we did!
                                    • Plumbing upgrades – Older homes may be able to benefit from advances in plumbing technology. Energy-efficient water heaters, modern toilets and fixtures, and improved piping options can add value and possibly lower your water bills. If you want to add additional bathrooms to your home, a plumbing upgrade may be necessary.
                                    • Updated wiring and electrical – Installing better wiring and taking advantage of new electrical options are other ways to increase value and save energy.
                                    • Energy-efficient materials – Replacing insulation, siding, thermostats, and other home materials and products with newer, more efficient versions is a smart way to up your home’s market value and make it more comfortable.
                                    • Improved accessibility and universal design – A few simple upgrades can make your home accessible for people of all ages and abilities.

                                    What’s YOUR idea? If you’ve been dreaming of an all-new look for your home but aren’t sure what’s possible, contact us. We’ll show you the potential that’s waiting within those walls! We have done whole house renovations all over Northern Virginia and look forward to serving you.

                                    Why Choose Hambleton Construction for Your Virginia Whole House Renovation?

                                    Brothers David and Thomas Hambleton began their appreciation for carpentry and home remodeling as teenagers. They founded Hambleton Construction because they truly love the industry, the work, and the opportunity to help people realize the living spaces of their dreams.

                                    We at Hambleton Construction take immense pride not only in the work that we do but also in HOW we do it. When we meet with you to discuss your project and work up an estimate, we will treat you honestly and fairly. We will never push you to make the sale. Any home remodeling job is an investment, and we want you to make the decision to hire us confidently. When we’re working on your project, we’ll arrive on time and keep your home as clean as possible by setting up floor and dust protection before we start and tidying the work area at the end of every day.

                                    Give us a chance to earn your trust! Call us today at 703-532-0277 for a free estimate!


                                    • Home Renovations
                                    • Whole House Remodeling
                                    • Rustic Interior Renovation

                                      Rustic Interior Renovation

                                      A breathtaking, whole house renovation with a rustic, traditional feel.

                                    • Interior Makeover

                                      Interior Makeover

                                      An extensive interior makeover including redone kitchen, bathrooms, and living spaces.

                                    • Contemporary Renovation

                                      Contemporary Renovation

                                      A contemporary renovation with custom trim work throughout

                                    • Additions in VA

                                      Are you looking to remodel your home and add more space? Home additions are a great way to increase living space and make the most of the house you spend so much time in. And it’s easy to customize a house addition to meet your size, functionality, and style requirements. Whether you want a kitchen bump out, in-law suite, family room, or second floor space, you can incorporate any kind of room you want into your home with a custom addition.
                                      Great room addition with breakfast area.

                                      At Hambleton Construction, our remodeling experts can build any type of addition that fits your needs, and we bring years of experience to each home addition project in Great Falls, Alexandria, Arlington, Vienna, Fairfax, and Centreville. After all, your addition often becomes the biggest room in the house and, depending on its function, it can get the most use as well. Start your remodeling project right by contacting Hambleton Construction and leave the rest to us!

                                      Types of House Additions

                                      When you’re coming up with ideas for your house addition project, it’s important to consider how you want to use the space, who will be using it most, what styles you like, and how much space you have for the new room. If you want to use the room to entertain guests, you’ll probably want a different space than if you want a home office or a place for your in-laws to stay. At Hambleton Construction, we offer the following types of house additions:

                                      • Sunroom additions
                                      • Family room additions
                                      • In-law suites
                                      • Screened porch additions
                                      • Kitchen additions
                                      • Two-story additions
                                      • And more

                                      Do you have another idea for your remodeling project? If so, you can discuss it with one of our specialists to determine whether it’s feasible and, if so, incorporate it into your plan.

                                      Choose Hambleton Construction for Home Additions in Northern Virginia

                                      If you’re thinking about building a home addition in Northern Virginia, you’ll want to be sure you choose a remodeling company that pays a high attention to detail and is dedicated to providing you with a custom space you’ll love. After all, a house addition is no small project and you want to make sure it gets done right. That’s where Hambleton Construction comes in.

                                      When you choose us for your home addition, we provide you with a comprehensive site evaluation to let you know how feasible an addition would be and where we think the most cost-effective location is. And we make sure it fits seamlessly into your existing home design so you can be confident that the style and all finishes match the existing layout. What’s more, you can count on us to leave your space clean so you can build a house addition with minimal impact to your daily life at home.

                                      With Hambleton Construction, you can feel confident that your new home addition will be a long-term investment that will provide you with a beautiful and functional space, while adding value to your property. And if you’re looking to add a new space while renovating the whole house, we can help with that too. Contact our remodeling company today for an estimate on custom home additions in Northern Virginia.


                                      • Sunrooms
                                      • Family Rooms
                                      • Inlaw Suites
                                      • Screened Porches
                                      • Kitchen Additions
                                      • 2 Story Additions