About Hambleton

Improving your lifestyle through remodeling your home.

The Hambleton team strives to be the best in our industry by setting a high standard for what remodeling companies ought to be.

The Hambleton Story

Brothers David and Thomas Hambleton grew up in Falls Church, Virginia.

Their first experience in construction was in 1998, when as teenagers, they helped their parents put a second story addition onto the family home.

David and Thomas assisted with the framing, and handled all the interior trim and finishes. David discovered a deep appreciation and respect for wood, and began his career as a carpenter.

Soon afterward, David started work with a remodeling firm in Arlington, Virginia. After two years as a carpenter, he was promoted to supervisor, and completed many custom, large-scale remodeling projects.

In 2005, David and Thomas decided to go into business for themselves, and founded Hambleton Construction.

What Makes Us Different


We will stick to our word, be transparent, and will never shy away from telling the truth.

Hard Work Ethic

We work diligently to ensure quality results - an honest day’s work for an honest day's pay.

Genuine Service

We ensure an authentic and well-equipped staff prepared to accommodate your needs.

Respect for the Family

We have your back and will always be looking out for the best interests of your family.


Our final product is assured to leave you gratified and eager to live in your new home.

Meet the Team

David Hambleton

David Hambleton


I grew up in Falls Church, Virginia, and spent my entire life living in the Northern Virginia area. My passion for remodeling started in my teenage years and only increased during my time working for a remodeling company in Arlington.
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After a few years in the construction industry, my brother Tom and I decided to start our own business in 2005. For the last 20 years, I have gained expert knowledge of all aspects of home construction and performance.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenges in home construction as well as getting people to work together and create great products and experiences for our clients. Currently, my beautiful wife Mary and I reside in Vienna with our six kids who are all HUGE fans of the Washington Capitals.

On the weekends you will find me at my kids soccer games, cooking/smoking, making fires, and enjoying a good drink while spending time with family and friends.

Thomas Hambleton

Thomas Hambleton

VP of Sales

I grew up in Falls Church, Virginia in a large family. My childhood was full of being outdoors and building things. I got into the construction business in 2003 when I joined a small remodeling company in Arlington Virginia, where my older brother David was working.
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Just two years later, David and I decided to start our own company which leads us to where we are today.

For many years, I was the Vice President of Production, managing all aspects of every project; but in early 2020, I moved to the VP of sales.

I am looking forward to bringing my ideas and 17 years of field experience to our clients. I currently live in Manassas with my wife and 6 children.

I enjoy woodworking, camping, fishing, and passing along my joy of building to my children.

Paul Mosimann

Paul Mosimann


I was born and raised here in Northern Virginia alongside my seven siblings. I always thought I came from one of the largest families in Manassas until I met the Hambletons.
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Upon my graduation from the University of Dallas, a friend introduced me to Dave and Tom in the summer of 2019 and I immediately joined their team.

After previously working for two roofing companies and am now employed by a general contractor, I have absorbed a top-down understanding of the home in more than one way.

My current role is Estimator but I am involved with many facets of the company including both sales and marketing. In my free time, I enjoy watching baseball, spending time with my family, and listening to The Beatles.

Ric Fowler

Ric Fowler

VP of Production

Born in Maine, I was a Navy brat, so we moved every couple of years while growing up. Upon graduating high school, I joined the Army for a four year stint.
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After leaving the military, I continued moving every few years through my 20’s – until settling in Northern Virginia in 1987. I’ve been involved with remodeling & construction, in some capacity or other, since high school.

My uncle introduced me to remodeling during summer breaks, when I would work at his plumbing and electrical company and help with various projects around his house. I’ve been with Hambleton Construction since 2017, starting as a project manager and now overseeing the production department.

I love to golf, boat, shoot, and read when the opportunities to do so arise.

Marie Hambleton

Marie Hambleton

Account Manager

I was born and raised in Falls Church, Virginia, with the rest of my large family. All seventeen of us were homeschooled from grade school to high school by our Mom.
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Construction has been running in the family for years ever since my Dad started a landscaping company in 1998.

I started working for my brothers David and Tom with Hambleton Construction eight years ago and I have been here ever since. My role for the company is split between bookkeeping and applying for permits in counties all over Northern Virginia.

When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling, spending time with my family and friends, and cheering for the Capitals!

“Considering that business is done person-to-person and not person-to-business, Hambleton Construction is only as good as our people. For this reason, we surround ourselves with authentic and energetic individuals willing and ready to serve others.”

David Hambleton

Our Remodeling Walkthrough

Here at Hambleton Construction, our process is designed to ensure your confidence and satisfaction.  Here’s what you can expect:

Discuss the Project

We will meet you in person to discuss the project you have in mind. After we have all the information we need, we will create and send you a detailed proposal.

Select the Products

Next comes the fun part: the selection process! During this step you get to choose all the fixtures, finishes, flooring, tiles, countertops, cabinets—everything involved in your project.

Start the Job

Once we kick start the project, we will establish a complete date. The project depends on the scope and complexity of each project, but we will provide you with an accurate-as-possible completion date.

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