About Hambleton

Improving your lifestyle through remodeling your home.

The Hambleton team strives to be the best in our industry by setting the standard for what all remodeling companies attain to be.

The Hambleton Story

Brothers David and Thomas Hambleton grew up in Falls Church, Virginia.

Their first experience in construction was in 1998, when as teenagers, they helped their parents put a second story addition onto the family home.

David and Thomas assisted with the framing, and handled all the interior trim and finishes. David discovered a deep appreciation and respect for wood, and began his career as a carpenter.

Soon afterward, David started work with a remodeling firm in Arlington, Virginia. After two years as a carpenter, he was promoted to supervisor, and completed many custom, large-scale remodeling projects.

In 2005, David and Thomas decided to go into business for themselves, and founded Hambleton Construction.

“A rising tide raises all ships, so I believe in helping people better my industry.

Usually this is done by meeting with other owners in my industry, and talking about what problems they have as a business.”

David Hambleton

The Values You Can Expect from Us


Keep your promises, be truthful, and don’t hiding the truth.

Work Hard

Working hard and smart. An honest day’s work for a day’s pay.


Always be there for your team and your family. Have each other’s back.

Be Fulfilled

The best work comes from people excited about getting up and going to work.

Good People

We are only as good as the people we work with.


4 year warranty on all workmanship and 8 Years for structural components.



Once we break ground on your project, we respond to every call, email or text you send before 4pm. Or we owe you dinner.



We promise you job will be substantially completed on time. Or final draw back. 5% of construction cost.

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Whole House Renovations

Do you have big dreams for your home, and how to improve it?

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