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Multi-generational households, whether by circumstance or design, are becoming more common across the U.S. With the right planning and forethought, living with parents or in-laws can be comfortable and beneficial for every member of the family.

Hambleton Construction has created accommodations of all styles and sizes for in-laws all over Northern Virginia.

In-Law Suite Options

There are many ways to rearrange or create space for an aging or ill parent. Click the link below to see the top 4. 



Building out a bedroom and bath, perhaps with a small sitting area or kitchenette, is a great way to give your new resident his or her own space while keeping them close to the rest of the family.


Making an in-law suite out of a finished basement preserves the occupant’s privacy and minimizes disruption of the home’s flow.

And a basement can be as simple or as opulent as you like. We can build a minimal suite with just the basics, or an apartment-style space with multiple rooms, a full kitchen, and other features.

Garage Conversion

Transforming a garage into a living space keeps construction out of the main house. We can put in insulation, install an HVAC system, make electrical upgrades, add windows and doors, and do any other modifications that need to be made.

Depending on the garage structure, building above it may also be an option.

Separate Structure

Building a guest house or cottage on your property gives the occupant the utmost privacy and independence—while maintaining access to the main home via a marked path or covered walkway.

This option gives you near-total freedom as far as design and features are concerned.

Accessible Design

Accessible or universal design is a way of making a home comfortable and functional for everyone who resides in or visits it.


Your parent or in-law may be moving in because of an illness or disability, but even if he or she is in perfect health, accessibility is a practical consideration.

Universal design features you may consider for your in-law suite include:

  • Lever-style door handles
  • Curbless showers that enable a wheelchair – or walker-user to enter and exit with ease
  • Wider doorways to accommodate wheelchairs
  • Entryways and exits without steps
  • Grab bars in the bathroom
  • Knee space under sinks and counters
  • Controls and switches in lower, easily-accessed areas

We can also install an elevator or chairlift.

If your occupant has unique needs, we can work with you to design custom features.

Will I Need an Architect to Design My In-Law Suite?

To build an addition or separate structure, you will need professional drawings by an architect.


Engaging an architect on your in-law suite ensures that:

  • You see what you are going to get before it is built. A professional architect can show you computer renderings of your project so you can approve the design.
  • Everyone is on the same page. Professional drawings clarify the necessary work and job specifications, allowing an accurate project bid.
  • The finished product looks great, is practical to use, and will be a sound investment. The extra money spent on a good architect is always worth the cost.

If you don’t already have an architect, we can suggest a local professional that we use regularly and highly recommend.

Building an In-Law Suite in Northern Virginia

Having parents or other relatives move in is a true lifestyle change.


Well-designed accommodations can help create a better home for your whole family.

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