Virginia Two-Story Additions

Reach for the stars by adding a whole new layer to your home!

Thinking of building a two-story addition on your Virginia home?

Hambleton Construction can help you create the space you want with a custom second-story addition.

Types of Second-Floor Additions

Depending on your needs and circumstances, you can opt to build above your garage, construct a second-floor sunroom, open up your master bedroom into a luxurious suite, make more room for guests, give your kids the playroom they’ve always wanted, or create whatever new space you wish.

Where to Start?

Your best bet is to start with a wish list. List every thought, whim, and desire.

That way, as we plug in budget, any zoning or code restrictions, or additional opportunities that we discover during the assessment phase, you can subtract, switch out, or add features to fit.

Addition Tips

When building an addition, there are many decisions to be made.

We think these tips will help you plan a successful project.


Siding & Trim

As much as you can, try to match the siding, windows, roofing, and trim of your home.

You want your addition to look like a natural extension of the home, not a separate, tacked-on structure.

If you cannot get an exact match, using materials in the same tonal family will make sense.



Along those same lines (no pun intended!), you also want to match architectural elements.

For instance, if your home has dormered or shuttered windows, the addition should too.

An exception to this rule would be when you are adding a second-floor bay or picture window.



The roof pitch should be the same for visual continuity.

Before You Build Up

When we start planning your second-story addition, one of the first things we’ll check is the strength of your home’s foundation.

If we find that the existing foundation and bearings can support another floor, we’ll start drawing up the plans. If not, we can reinforce the foundation, walls, and other supports.

We’ll also assess your HVAC system to determine what upgrades we’ll need to make, if any. It’s typically easy to extend pipes and ducts upwards, but that depends on your home’s construction and features.

Height Restrictions and Other Considerations

Your city, town, or municipality may have restrictions regarding height and other construction factors.

At Hambleton Construction, we are very familiar with the codes and zoning laws in Northern Virginia. We will build within lawful regulations and secure all the necessary permits.

No matter what the restrictions are in your area, we will do our best to come up with a design that meets your needs!

Will a Second-Floor Addition Add Value to My Home?

Most homeowners can expect to get back around 65 percent of the cost of the addition at resale.

However, the value a two-story addition adds to your home’s selling price will vary depending on your neighborhood and other considerations.

Will I Need an Architect to Design My Addition?

When building a second-floor addition, you will need professional drawings by an architect.

If you don’t already have an architect, we can suggest a local professional that we regularly use and highly recommend.

Build a Two-Story Addition on Your Virginia Home

When you’re ready to start planning your second-floor addition, contact us!

Hambleton Construction has been building custom additions in Virginia for nearly a decade. We look forward to helping you transform your home.



4 year warranty on all workmanship and 8 Years for structural components.



Once we break ground on your project, we respond to every call, email or text you send before 4pm. Or we owe you dinner.



We promise you job will be substantially completed on time. Or final draw back. 5% of construction cost.

Contact Hambleton Construction today for an estimate on custom home construction in Northern Virginia.

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