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Joe B.

I am very pleased with Hambleton Construction’s renovation and remodeling of my kitchen and sunroom, and the completed project has exceeded my expectatio... Read More

Joe B.
11 months ago
Hector R

Superior Construction, design knowledge. Will hire again and again, will not hesitate to recommend for any type of remodeling.

Hector R
3 years ago
Ariane B.

Hambleton Construction is family owned, honest, and they do excellent work. I highly recommend speaking to Dave the owner about your next project!

Ariane B.
2 years ago
It’s Haul Good

If you’re even considering a home remodel, I would highly recommend starting the conversation with David Hambleton and Hambleton Construction. The in... Read More

It's Haul Good
8 months ago
Michael W.

This is a fantastic company! David is very knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. I would highly recommend this company to all my family and friends.

Michael W.
7 months ago
Ellen G.

I’ve been very slow to write a review – now 2.5 years after our major remodel with Hambleton Construction. We were and remain extremely happy w... Read More

Ellen G.
6 months ago
Timothy C.

There are so many contractors out there that show up late, not professional looking, and once you start paying them they will just start taking advantage o... Read More

Timothy C.
7 months ago

Through careful planning, hand-picked contractors, and detailed quality control, Hambleton Construction transforms your home into a luxury getaway. Discover how you can enhance your lifestyle and family time.

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From the Walney Rd Neighborhood:

Head north on VA-657/Walney Rd toward Walney Rd Trail, then use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto US-50 W. In a little over half a mile, get into the left 2 lanes – the second land from the left will be the easiest. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Lee Rd, then take the first right into the parking lot. Our office is at 14502-D.


From South Riding:

Head east on Tall Cedars Pkwy. It will turn north and intersect US-50. Turn right onto US-50 E. In a little over 2 miles, turn right onto Lee Rd, then take the first right into the parking lot. Our office is at 14502-D.

From Dulles:

Follow VA-28 S/Sully Rd south. In 3.9 mi, Use the right lane to take the US-50 E exit. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for US-50 W/Winchester. In another 0.2 mi, keep left at the fork, follow signs for Lee Rd S. Turn left onto Lee Rd, then turn right into the parking lot. Our office is at 14502-D.

Local Chantilly Bathroom Remodelers

Whether for resale value or everyday use, add value to your home with a bathroom remodel. Our Chantilly bathroom remodelers will help you create an upgraded bathroom layout that fits your needs and comfort.

Over the years, we’ve established great connections with local suppliers, product specialists, and designers, in order to help you through every step of your project.


Why should a homeowner pick you over other Chantilly bathroom remodelers?

There are many different types of people and homes in Chantilly.

Although it’s an older neighborhood, there have been a lot of new developments constructed over the last 15 to 20 years. That being said, many people are now finishing off their basements or areas of their houses that were never finished during the initial construction.

As a licensed and insured remodeling company, we do a lot of remodeling projects in Chantilly. We have showrooms and partners in Chantilly, as well as great relationships with many of our suppliers in that area.

How are you different from other bathroom remodelers in Chantilly?

Unlike other bathroom remodelers, we have a great relationship with our bathroom supplier. This allows us to get all of our products from one place, instead of sourcing from multiple suppliers; with different lead times and delivery dates. Once all of our products come in, we’re able to do a new or typical 1970s bathroom remodel in about a week.

What do you like about doing remodeling in Chantilly?

Chantilly is centrally located to both our offices and our partners. With suppliers and materials readily accessible, we’re able to complete remodeling projects quite efficiently.

There is also a great mix of people and architecture in Chantilly. From young families to older, retired couples and townhouses and apartments, to single-family homes, there are always new people to talk to and interesting projects to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions for Chantilly Bathroom Remodelers:


Is remodeling a bathroom a good investment?

Yes, there is a very good return on investment for bathroom remodels. This is true for both standard, hall bathrooms or luxury master baths.

The idea behind a bathroom remodel is to add value to the home, whether for resale value or everyday use. Since the bathroom is the first room you go to in the morning and the last room you leave before bed, it’s very important to the health and hygiene of the family. Having an upgraded bathroom layout that fits your needs and comfort, all while adding value to your home, is important.

Does a walk-in shower add value to your home?

The value of a walk-in shower depends on the needs of each homeowner. If you have pets or kids, a tub might make more sense for you and your family. If you’re older and mobility is an issue, or you’re disabled and need a handicap accessible bathroom, then a walk-shower would add a lot of value to your home.

How can I make my bathroom look luxurious?

Certain finishes, such as adding tiles on the walls, wainscoting, and marble or granite finishes can really improve and refine the look of a bathroom.

A good designer who can pull the colors and textures out of specific materials is a great benefit. At Hambleton Construction, we have fantastic designers whom we work with specifically for bathroom projects.

How do you convert a bathtub into a walk in shower?

Converting a bathtub to a walk-in shower is a fairly simple project, but requires some knowledge and expertise.

The process looks like this:

  1. Remove the tile and backer board from the existing bathtub
  2. Remove the tub itself, re-center the plumbing and drain work (for a new walk-in shower drain)
  3. Add a new shower liner, waterproofing, and mortar bed
  4. Begin tiling

How do you redo a bathroom floor?

Re-doing a bathroom floor can be a fun and exciting project. Although oftentimes daunting, it is a fairly simple process which many people can complete on their own.

Begin by removing the toilet and existing vanity from the space. The next step is to demolish the existing tile floor and look for loose boards or rot from a previous floor. Once those issues have been fixed, put down a new backer board, install the tile, and insert the new or existing toilet and vanity.

When remodeling a bathroom where do you start?

A good place to start your bathroom remodel is by vetting contractors. This will ensure that the contractors you’re interested in are licensed and insured. Be sure that they have a Class A contractor’s license and are approved by the state to do work in your area.

Next, it’s best to see what their partnerships look like. If your contractor has partnerships with local vendors, this will help simplify the process from start to finish.

Lastly, get to know your proposals. While this step seems simple enough, it’s important that you understand the process and what you’ll be paying for.

How do I estimate the cost of a bathroom remodel?

The cost of a bathroom remodel depends on what’s being added to the room and if space is being created. Simply replacing some of the amenities in the space will be in a different price range than a full bathroom remodel.

The questions we often ask are: will we be operating within the same space? Do you want to expand the walls? Will we be moving any plumbing lines or adding electrical?

How long does a bathroom remodel take?

A typical five by eight foot bathroom with standards (from the 1970s or newer), usually takes about a week and half to complete. This project is what we call a “pull and replace,” since all of the fixtures remain in the same location, but are updated with new finishes and fixtures.

Larger, more intensive bathroom projects can take upwards of three to four weeks, depending on the scope of work. This often involves moving things around, changing the tub to a shower, adjusting the size of the shower, or moving the location of the vanity or toilet.

How do you redo a tile shower?

Redoing a tile shower can be a fairly simple process.

  1. The first step is to protect the finishes and fixtures that you’re not looking to remove. Once they’ve been covered with cardboard or plywood, then go to town with a big sledgehammer!
  2. Next, remove all the tile and backer board down to the studs. Always remove the existing backer board that the tile was initially bonded to, because if the board chips or gets damaged, it deteriorates and isn’t worth saving.
  3. The last step is to install new backer board, waterproofing, and then the tile of your choice. This is also a great time to create any additional features, such as a recess soap niche in the shower wall.

What are the steps to remodeling a bathroom?

  1. Vet your contractor. Find someone that you like that has partnerships with designers and local suppliers.
  2. Refine the scope of work and the design process. Figure out exactly what you’re looking for in the bathroom remodel and work that into the contract. Discuss your vision with the designer to determine the bathroom design and finishes.
  3. Demolition and construction. At this time, we would begin demolition, do any necessary framing, plumbing, and electrical work; adding lights, fixtures, etc.
  4. Drywall Installation. Once the demolition is complete, we will install drywall, trim, vanities, cabinets, and then countertops.
  5. Painting & finishing touches. Lastly, we will paint and install all the finishing touches, such as plumbing fixtures, faucets, and electrical finishes: lights, switches, plugs, etc.

Hambleton Construction Services

The Hambleton Story

Brothers David and Thomas Hambleton grew up in Falls Church, Virginia.

Their first experience in construction was in 1998, when as teenagers, they helped their parents put a second story addition onto the family home.

David and Thomas assisted with the framing, and handled all the interior trim and finishes. David discovered a deep appreciation and respect for wood, and began his career as a carpenter.

Soon afterward, David started work with a remodeling firm in Arlington, Virginia. After two years as a carpenter, he was promoted to supervisor, and completed many custom, large-scale remodeling projects.

In 2005, David and Thomas decided to go into business for themselves, and founded Hambleton Construction.

What Makes Us Different


We will stick to our word, be transparent, and will never shy away from telling the truth.

Hard Work Ethic

We work diligently to ensure quality results - an honest day’s work for an honest day's pay.

Genuine Service

We ensure an authentic and well-equipped staff prepared to accommodate your needs.

Respect for the Family

We have your back and will always be looking out for the best interests of your family.


Our final product is assured to leave you gratified and eager to live in your new home.

Our Remodeling Walkthrough

Here at Hambleton Construction, our process is designed to ensure your confidence and satisfaction.  Here’s what you can expect:

Discuss the Project

We will meet you in person to discuss the project you have in mind. After we have all the information we need, we will create and send you a detailed proposal.

Select the Products

Next comes the fun part: the selection process! During this step you get to choose all the fixtures, finishes, flooring, tiles, countertops, cabinets—everything involved in your project.

Start the Job

Once we kick start the project, we will establish a complete date. The project depends on the scope and complexity of each project, but we will provide you with an accurate-as-possible completion date.

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