Northern Virginia Kitchen Design

Inspired by kitchen design ideas for your Virginia home?

Hambleton Construction specializes in custom kitchen design and remodeling.

We’ve been transforming kitchens in the NOVA area for nearly a decade and we’d love to help you open up the potential in yours!

Kitchen Design Ideas

Before you start planning the kitchen of your dreams, it’s helpful to know some kitchen design basics.


Here are the five, standard kitchen layouts:


A popular layout for smaller kitchens, such as those in apartments, a galley sets appliances and workspace along the walls of a narrow room, which is often open to a dining area.


The L-Shape kitchen is a versatile style that maximizes corner space and works well in small-to-medium spaces.


All appliances, cabinets, and fixtures are on a single wall in this style, popular in lofts and studios.


Also known as G-Shape, this layout adds an extra partial wall to a U- or L-shaped kitchen.


With three walls of appliances and cabinets, this flexible layout allows for smooth workflow.

The Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen work triangle is a concept long relied upon by interior designers. The triangle consists of the stovetop, sink, and refrigerator, each on its own angle.


Established in the 1940’s to increase efficiency in the smaller, closed-off kitchens of that era, the triangle is being replaced by “work zones.”

Work zones make your kitchen layout more functional by putting appliances and spaces that you use most often in the order in which you use them.

The Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is another design concept that has evolved along with the American lifestyle.


There are several ways the island can be used: 

  • To create additional work space and storage – A simple island with a countertop and cabinets in its base can transform your kitchen into a much more functional place.
  • To provide extra seating – An overhanging countertop with stools makes room for quick meals and keeps the kitchen social.
  • As a place for the sink – An island used as additional counter space can hold a small prep sink in addition to the kitchen’s main sink.
  • As a home for the stovetop – Some homeowners choose to have their stovetop built in to the island. If you choose this option, remember that a range hood will have to be placed above the stovetop.

Kitchen Design Styles

You can remodel your Northern Virginia kitchen into any style you like, and you don’t have to stick to just one. These are just some examples of popular styles.


Of course, with a custom kitchen design from Hambleton, you’ll achieve exactly the look you want, no matter what the style!

Here are five key styles that we can bring you:


Clean lines, minimal adornment, and stainless steel mix with simple lighting for this deceptively simple style.


Warm colors like red and orange blend with stone, brick, and iron for a welcoming, bucolic feel.


A mix of modern and traditional styles, a transitional kitchen may include granite countertops and upholstered stools along with clean lines and contemporary prints.


Open shelving, glass-face cabinetry, rich cream colors, and cheerful details make up a warm country style kitchen.


Beadboard, an apron-front sink, and weathered touches create farmhouse appeal.

French Country

This style relies on “worn” finishes, touches of toile and stripe, and rustic fixtures for its unique flair.


A traditionally-styled kitchen allows ample room for personality, as you can choose dark or light cabinetry, neutral shades, or pops of color, and from a variety of fixtures and appliance styles.

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