Moulding & Trim Work in VA

Add polish, refinement, and aesthetic appeal to your home – while increasing its value.

Crown moulding is decorative trim used to soften angles and create transitions between a room’s walls and ceiling.

Numerous other types of moulding can be used to refine aspects of your home, including columns, fireplaces, doorways, and more.

Types of Moulding and Trim

Applying moulding requires years of hands-on experience to install, as well as a sense of design to ensure the moulding flows with the home’s architecture.


Here are the ways our moulding and trim specialists can refine your home:

Wainscoting and Chair Rails

Wainscoting is paneling that stretches from the baseboard upwards in one of two lengths. High wainscoting covers two-thirds of the wall while low wainscoting covers one half, or up to the chair rail. Chair rails are raised strips of trim that prevent chairs from marking the wall, as in a dining room. Wainscoting can match the color of the wall it’s on or can be painted in a complementary or contrasting color for decorative flair.

Crown Moulding

A flared ornamental trim typically applied against a seam where wall meets ceiling, crown moulding originated in the late Renaissance—and has remained much the same since!


Beadboard is an understated option for less formal spaces. Available in wide or narrow planks, it looks best in country or cottage-style décor and is often used in mudrooms, laundry rooms, and bonus rooms.

Box Beams

Purely decorative, box beams add architectural interest to ceilings. These three-sided wooden beams are meant to mimic solid structures. They can simply stretch across the length of a ceiling or be installed in a decorative pattern.


Today’s wood paneling is much more sophisticated than its 1970’s predecessors. Wood paneling can be a beautiful option for adding warmth to a room and looks at home in ultra-modern or rustic settings.


You can have trim and moulding mounted nearly anywhere. Moulding can help a built-in bookcase stand out or bring an archway into beautiful relief.

Mouldings That Suite Your Taste

Since Hambleton Construction does custom moulding and trim work, we can create any kind of look you want.


Custom trim has the power to make a room truly distinctive. Consider it for rooms such as these:

Living or Great Room

Add some wainscoting to take things in a formal or funky direction. Imagine a bold color halfway up the wall, with unique wallpaper on top!


Add some interest to your kitchen walls with custom trim. Picture it around a range hood or as an ornamental piece around cabinetry. Beadboard looks great in a country or cottage-style kitchen.

Dining Room

A natural place for chair rails, the dining room can go formal with the right crown moulding and other details.


Give your bedroom a polished look with ornate or simple moulding.


Custom trim and moulding brings drama to a large bath. It can be used to add personality into a small bath or powder room.

Custom Moulding & Trim in Fairfax County

When it’s time to add those finishing touches, call Hambleton Construction for custom moulding and trim work in Fairfax County!


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